Beyond the Smoke: Ruben Perez on How Family and Tradition Cook Up Success in the Culinary World

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The culinary world thrives on innovation, yet the essence of family and tradition remains its beating heart. Ruben Perez, founder of Zaza Cuban Comfort Food, embodies this fusion, blending cherished memories and generational recipes into his business model. In our Season 4 premiere of Beyond the Smoke with Thomas Ward we explore how these elements serve as Ruben’s recipe for success.

The Foundation of Family

Ruben Perez’s culinary journey is steeped in family influence, as he shares, “I started when I was ten years old… when I was in my dad’s restaurants and stuff, I was ten, 11 years old.” This early exposure to the culinary world, guided by family ties, laid the groundwork for his future endeavors, emphasizing the pivotal role family has played in his career.

Tradition as a Secret Ingredient

At Zaza Cuban Comfort Food, tradition isn’t just a concept—it’s the lifeblood of the establishment. Perez’s dedication to his culinary heritage is evident when he discusses the influence of his father and godfather, underlining the importance of staying true to one’s roots while navigating the challenges of the restaurant industry.

Evolving with Time While Honoring the Past

Ruben acknowledges the delicate balance between tradition and innovation, stating, “It was creating. Building the brand number one because I knew it might not to the public say it might not make sense in a central kitchen… but it wasn’t cheap.” His approach demonstrates a commitment to maintaining traditional values while adapting to the modern demands of the culinary business.

Building a Brand on Family Values:

For Ruben, Zaza is more than a restaurant—it’s a testament to his heritage and the enduring legacy of his family. He encapsulates this sentiment by emphasizing the importance of maintaining the “integrity of my family’s fourth-generation tradition.” It’s this unwavering commitment to his roots that has not only set Zaza apart but also fostered a deep connection with his customers.

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Immerse yourself in Ruben Perez’s story on his episode on Beyond the Smoke with Thomas Ward. Discover the rich family history and traditions behind Zaza Cuban Comfort Food. This episode offers an intimate look into the ethos behind Zaza Cuban Comfort Food, providing listeners with a deeper understanding of Ruben’s business philosophy.

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