Pigzza Announced In Orlando Weekly

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At Pig Floyd’s, we’re always on the hunt for innovative culinary adventures. That’s why we’re ecstatic to unveil our latest venture, Pigzza, a delightful fusion of barbecue and pizza. Located just a mere three blocks from our beloved “urban barbakoa” hub, this new addition promises a unique dining experience.

Pigzza will proudly stand adjacent to Will’s Pub. This fresh concept is an exciting collaboration that aims to craft a menu blending the rich flavors of Italian cuisine with the smoky essence of Pig Floyd’s signature dishes. The inception of Pigzza was shared with our fans in an episode of the Beyond The Smoke podcast.

Now, about the name. Yes, we’ve heard the whispers and chuckles. Our very own Thomas, who coined the name, found a certain humor in it. While the name might raise eyebrows initially, the taste of our dishes will make everyone a believer. It’s all about the flavor, and we’re confident that Pigzza will be nothing short of fantastic.

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