Hawkers Asian Street Food Shares Their Recipe for Resilience.

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Starting a restaurant is a dream for many, but it often comes with a lot of unforeseen challenges, especially when launched during tough economic times. The journey of Allen Lo and his partners in establishing Hawkers Asian Street Food is a testament to the resilience and creativity required to not only start but sustain a restaurant among adversity.

Born from Necessity in a Recession

The global financial crisis of 2008 left many economies stumbling for years, making the period following a difficult time for launching new ventures. Yet, it was during these tough economic conditions that the idea for Hawkers Asian Street Food was born. The four founders of Hawkers used to work on their own thing, but they had this dream of building a food business together. Allen Lo, reflecting on the origins of the restaurant, shared, I think that that tough market is kind of what got us started. We were all in a recession.” This period, daunting as it was, presented a unique opportunity for Alan and his team. With lower real estate prices, what Kaleb worked at that time and a market in need of uplifting experiences, the timing, ironically, was perfect to lay down the foundation of what would become a beloved dining establishment.

The inception of a restaurant during a recession is less about opportunism and more about necessity and passion. Allen Lo describes this phase as a pivotal moment: “What was really important to me is how we got here, why the people loved our restaurant and our food”​​. This deep connection to their mission allowed them to push through economic barriers, turning challenges into opportunities.

The Power of Partnership in Overcoming Business Challenges

The partnership among the founders of Hawkers Asian Street Food exemplifies the strength that collaboration and mutual respect can bring to a business venture, especially during challenging times. The diverse backgrounds and unique strengths of each partner created a robust foundation for the restaurant. Allen Lo reflected on the dynamics of their partnership, stating, “It’s been people. People are the most important currency that we need… And I’m going to be honest with you, I still think that way with money.I’m always thinking like, f*ck, I need more money. Right? And it’s not the answer. The answer is, who do I bring to the table that can get us to the next step?” This insight highlights the role their partnership played—not just in terms of shared responsibilities, but in fostering an environment where strategic and creative solutions could flourish. Each partner brought something valuable to the table, allowing them to navigate financial hurdles, operational challenges, and the uncertainties of a volatile market with a united front. Their collective approach was crucial in transforming potential setbacks into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Building a Brand Against the Odds

The initial idea was simple yet ambitious: bring the vibrant flavors of Asian street food to a broader audience. This concept, inspired by their travels and love for authentic Asian cuisine, was not without its risks. Starting a specialty restaurant in a recovering economy meant convincing customers to spend their limited disposable income on unfamiliar dishes. It required the Hawkers team not only to deliver exceptional food but also to engage in community-building and effective marketing to foster a loyal customer base.

Lessons in Resilience

The journey of Hawkers is a clear illustration that resilience in the restaurant industry is less about avoiding challenges and more about embracing them as opportunities for growth and learning. Each hurdle, from the economic climate to operational logistics, was met with a committed resolve to succeed. The success of Hawkers Asian Street Food underscores an important message for aspiring restaurateurs: resilience is not just a useful trait but a necessary one.

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